Home improvements can sometimes be expensive, but they don’t always have to be, take a look at our top tips for making your house look more expensive without having to splash the cash.

First impressions count

Make a good first impression when guests arrive at your house (when we can have them!), by updating your entrance.

You could update your front door by painting it in a bold colour. Our favourite colours at the moment are royal purple, muted green or blush pink.  Then add a lavish knocker to the centre of your door to ooze luxury.

We recommend adding symmetrical planters to each side of your door along with a practical but funky doormat for the ultimate upgrade to the entrance to your home.

Consider adding outdoor lighting to highlight your grand entrance when the sun goes down. We love these Byron Stainless Steel Outdoor Wall lights.

Creating a grand entrance sets the tone for the rest of the house the minute your guests arrive.

What you will need?

Wall Panelling

Wall panelling is a great way to add character to your home in a contemporary way. It’s a great way to add texture and a three-dimensional feel to your walls.

You can utilise vertical wall panelling to make low ceilings appear higher by drawing the eye up, or you can add geometric patterns in a horizontal orientation to elongate the space.

By using dark wall panelling on the bottom half of the wall and a contrasting light wall above, you can add a moody ambience to your room whilst also keeping a light, bright feel.

What you will need?

Things to consider…

  • Do your research, there are many types of wall panelling styles available, find out which one is best for the style you want to achieve and space you are looking to upgrade.
  • Think about choosing the thickness of you panelling to achieve your desired look, for example for Shaker wall panelling we recommend using a thinner MDF, around 2mm to achieve the desired look – however, this is down to personal preference.
  • Although panelling can hide a multitude of problems on your wall, you do need to fix some of the more ‘serious’ issues, for example, damp and flaking plaster

Paint older or unattractive furniture

An old piece of furniture can be revitalised with just a lick of paint. We recommend using chalk paint for a classic, smooth, matt finish. This easy-to-use paint will give a new lease of life to furniture which is looking a little uninteresting. We are currently loving this pastel green colour.

Once you have painted the furniture update the handles and then your masterpiece is complete!

What you will need?

Upgrade plug sockets and light switch fittings

Change your plug sockets and light switch fittings from the standard plastic fittings to a chrome alternative. This subtle change will add an instant luxe feel to your home.

What you will need?

Upgrade your kitchen cabinet hardware

Instantly upgrade your kitchen to have a more expensive feel with new hardware. A quick and easy way to keep your kitchen trendy without having to do a complete refit.

Our favourite styles at the moment are matt black handles or polished copper pull cup handles to achieve a classic feel or a colour pop doorknob to really stand out from the crowd.

What you will need?

Give me light!

Great lighting can make all the difference to a room. Apply the rule of three light sources per room, overhead lightning, specific lightening and ambient lightning.

Overhead lighting can be anything from a pendant to spotlights, which when turned on will fill the whole room with light. Specific lighting can highlight a table or task area. Ambient lighting sets the mood in a room and can be lamps or candles for the all-important downtime.

In the kitchen, you could also consider under cabinet lighting to uplight your kitchen for a luxe look.

What you will need?

Amplify your space with mirrors

Make spaces look larger with mirrors. You can accentuate small and narrow nooks within your home by adding a large mirror. The larger the mirror the greater the accentuation of the space.

Use mirrors to add additional natural light to a room, place the mirror adjacent to a window and consider the angle to project the natural light into your beautiful home.

What you will need?

Add a gallery wall

Gallery walls are a collection of photographs or prints arranged in a creative way to create a focal point, they can bring character and personality to a wall which would otherwise be rather plain!

Choose your favourite pieces of artwork to show off your personality. Gallery walls work great when you experiment with a mixture of bold patterns, quirky prints and typography pictures all mixed in with your family favourite photographs.


  • Create a theme
  • Use an even number of pictures for regimented arrangements and an odd number for sporadic layouts
  • Lay your collection on the floor and decide on your layout before hanging on the wall – take a step back and assess the layout.
  • Mark your layout on the wall lightly in pencil to get your gallery of prints in the correct place.

What you will need?

Style your house with accessories!

Finally, accessorise! Use fresh flowers and plants to bring the outside in. Use soft furnishings to add a cosy feel and dot ornaments around the house to show your personality.

So, that’s it, these are our top tips to make your house look more expensive on a budget!

We’d love to see your home improvements! Tag us in your pictures on social media. If you’ve got any other suggestions, we’d love to hear these too!