The DeWalt 54v XR Flexvolt is part of a growing range of class-leading professional cordless outdoor power tools. Help to Build has created a detailed review of the new products before the release date to help you chose the product which is suited best to you.   

54V XR Flexvolt Split Boom – Head Unit Attachment 

Firstly the head unit attachment has undergone some major improvements. For example, DeWalt has an increased the power and the running time, added a variable speed trigger, and ensured the attachments are easy to maneuver, at a weight of only 6.4kg. DeWalt has focused on improving the user experience with the variable speed trigger control and the reduced weight. Users are able to control the speed to fit their specific cutting needs and can easily transport the attachment from job to job.  

54V XR Flexvolt Split Boom – String Trimmer Attachment 

Another attachment that comes with the DeWalt 54v XR Flexvolt is the String Trimmer attachment. The String Trimmer design allows for quick loading, with a spool feature to make cutting quicker. Alongside this, the 2.00mm line enables more effective and precise cutting. Importantly the attachment has excellent safety features, such as a professional guard; this prevents debris from kicking up.  

54V XR Flexvolt Split Boom – Brush Cutter Attachment 

Likewise, the brush cutter attachment comes with a professional guard to prevent debris from kicking up. It also has an increased lifetime and a 20cm shell blade. The attachment provides users with faster and more effective cutting without the inconvenience of a short battery life. 

54V XR Flexvolt Split Boom – Pole Saw Attachment 

For those who need help assistance cutting those places that are harder to reach, the Pole Saw attachment is extendable, allowing you to cut higher hedgerows from ground level. The attachment also has a branch hook, and the 20cm DeWalt Bar & chain which has a 15cm cutting diameter making it easier to cut larger branches.  

54V XR Flextvolt Split Boom – Pole Hedge Trimmer Attachment 

Finally, the last attachment is the Pole Hedge Trimmer, which is capable of 135-degree movement through its articulation head allowing you to cut from different angles. The Pole Hedge Trimmer has a 19mm blade for larger branches and a 55cm dual-action blade for larger branches. This tool is an example of how to achieve superior cutting results!  

Overall, Help to Builds favorite features of this product is its highly efficient brush motor, its environmentally friendly attributes (no need for petrol/fumes plus it does not make a lot of noise), the range of outdoor applications this cordless outdoor tool covers, and that this product is an economical solution, as you do not need to buy additional tools for each outdoor task.

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