With us all looking forward to summer you may be looking to purchase a lawnmower. Evidence has shown that purchasing a good mower will for one increase the density of your lawn and two will decrease the growth of weeds.

Purchasing a lawnmower should be considered an investment. With this in mind, we have put together a detailed review of DeWalt's new 2X18V XR self-propelled lawnmower to help you add this to your considerations when purchasing the right new lawnmower. 

Help to Build's Review 

DeWalt's new 2X18V XR self-propelled lawnmower is the first self-propelled mower DeWalt has produced. Self-propelled lawnmowers save time and energy, making the task of mowing the lawn less daunting and tiresome. The mower has a self-propelled grip, which allows the user to lightly push and guide the lawnmower. The motorized wheels mean you can cut through tougher and thicker areas of grass without extra effort. 

The deck on the lawnmower is 54cm with a 53cm blade - offering increased cutting capacity versus the previous DeWalt DCMW564. The larger cutting capacity makes the mower suitable for gardens with both large and small grass areas and provides you with optimum efficiency. To add to the ease of use features of this lawnmower, DeWalt have added a 55L collection bag, meaning less time emptying and more time mowing.

The mower also comes with six different height settings for the grass, giving you versatility in cutting various lengths of the grass. As a rule of thumb Help to Build recommends never removing 1/3 of the grass blade length at any one time.

The brushless motor means that the mower produces less friction and dips in voltage compared to brushed motors. This prevents the motor from overheating and gives it a longer life, making it more reliable and efficient.

The mower folds up vertically and becomes compact, allowing for easy and convenient storage, and easy transportation if needed.  It also boosts the ability to cut grass in three different ways:

  • Freely discharge grass through the opening in the deck
  • Mulch the grass by closing off the discharge opening
  • Bag the grass for disposal  

Here is a diagram to provide you with more detail: 

DeWalt 2X18V XR Self-Propelled Mower diagram  


Stamped Symmetrical Circle Design w/ Curved Surfaces

Creates a strong vacuum for grass to circulate freely and discourages clogging for better mulching and discharge.


Fold Under Deck Edges

Strengthens deck and helps force grass clippings inward to enhance mulching.


Front to Rear Deck Angle

Deck angles upward front to back so the grass is thrown upward for improved mulching.


Blade Design

A flat surface reduces turbulence for more even airflow and greater energy efficiency. Smooth blade arc lifts grass more easily. Dual cutting sides provide additional mulching.


Deck Extension to Outer Wheels

Maximizes trim area and aligns to user expectation of cutting line.


Baffle Cut Out

Blade height is lower than baffle cut out to ensure the grass is cut upright when passing through the mower

It is clear that DeWalt’s new lawnmower is going to be popular, and a leading lawnmower for the public to buy this summer. Help to Builds own research into the lawnmower will hopefully help you decide if it is the correct lawnmower for you. It goes without saying we think it’s a top pick!

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